About Institute

Boris Hrinchenko Kyiv University.

In-Service Teacher Training Institute.



  • organizes continuing professional teacher development on the basis of up-to-date  professional  standards, demands and  personal  needs of everybody, provides   teachers’    readiness   to    professional  self-realization    by   their achievement of high methodological level;
  • supports   teaching   and   learning   processes   of  preschools   and   secondary schools, introduces the results of educational researches into their practice;
  • coordinates schools’ innovative work;
    • ensures expert review and testing of educational programs,   textbooks and reference books;
    • the staff of the Institute takes part in books creating (national and “Kyivskii Pidruchnyk” projects);
    • coordinates RSMC work, regional and school teacher’s Associations;
    • takes part in standardized testing preparation and realization;
    • organizes pupils’ Olympiads, Contests and Tournaments;
    • organizes professional contests;
    • studies, summarizes and disseminates advanced teachers’ experience;
    • advises teachers.

Kyiv teachers, teachers from Ukrainian regions and “near abroad” and “far abroad” countries update their skills here.

Institute delivers professional development courses such as:

•    teachers   of:   primary   schools;   Ukrainian   language   and   literature;   world literature; Russian language and literature; English, German, French, Spanish; Maths, computer science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology,  Geography, History, PE, Music, Art, Handicrafts;

•    heads and methodologists of RSMC;


  • out-of-school methodologists;
  • school psychologists;
  • boarding school teachers;
  • librarians;
  • heads of circles;
  • speech therapists and defectologists;
    • teachers of “Basics of Economy”, “Healthy Way of Life”, “Art and Aesthetic
      Culture”, “Christian Ethics”, “Law”, “Basics of Motherland Defense” courses;
    • heads, tutors, psychologists, speech therapists and defectologists, physical
      training   teachers,   music   teachers,   nurses,    bursars,   pre-school   tutor’s

Mode of study: Full-time, Part-time, Distance.

Contacts: Tychina, 17 av. Kyiv, 02152

Fax: (+38044) 553-99-83

E-mail: ippo@kubg.edu.ua

How to get: from “Livoberezhna” bus 49, to “Polyclinica”

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